Review : The Skinny Vine Wines

Skinny Vine after the tasting tonight

I just completed my first sip and tweet event with Skinny Vine and Thirsty Girl. I had an awesome time and it was so cool to watch all the comments and thoughts about the 3 wines we had the opportunity to taste. Who would have thought an online wine tasting…twitter is a whole new world for marketing.

Okay, here are my honest thoughts about the wines in the order of enjoyment…

1) Mini Moscato: this is my overall favorite. It is not too sweet yet it offer you the full taste of the Fuji apples, pears and peaches. It is very light and very smooth going down. I tried 2 glasses (come on it is only 96 calories and I’ve been so good this year) and each taste was truly nice and enjoyable. It was not overwhelming in any way and I want to try it over some mangoes and even mango sorbet, can you just imagine the great treat that would be.  Mangoes and Mini Moscato will be on the menu for Thanksgiving this year.

2) Thin Zin: I liked this one in second only because I LOVE Moscato, so don’t think it’s not as good because it is really nice. You can smell and taste the berries that this great wine is made of. It also has honeydew melon in it and a hint of clove and they come together rather nicely. This is a great wine to share with your friends who enjoy White Zinfandel and don’t forget to tell them that it only has 89 calories, so there is no guilt if they have more than one glass.

3) Slim Chardonnay: This was a very nice surprise to me personally because I have NEVER enjoyed Chardonnay wine  before and I have tried several different ones but I enjoyed this one.  It is made with apricots and honeyed citrus with a touch of vanilla and oak spice, and trust me (the non-chardonnay drinker) it blends very smoothly and is a nice treasure for Chardonnay drinkers, you will not be disappointed.

So now just a few more facts about this amazing wines shared with me from the makers of Skinny Vine:

The Skinny Vine performed better in taste tests vs. full-calorie varietals!

* 65% preferred the Mini Moscato over full calorie Menage a Trois Moscato

* 60% preferred the Slim Chardonnay over full calorie Cupcake Chardonnay

* and 59% preferred the Thin Zin over full calorie Menage a Trios Rose

and they taste Very GOOD!!!

Skinny Vine was created for the wine drinker who wants a “better for me option” without having to sacrifice flavor or quality. Skinny Vine provides health-conscious guys and gals the best of both worlds ~ a great tasting glass of wine with fewer calories.

And here is the best part…

Retailing for $11 a bottle, each delivers the full spectrum of fruit intensity and complexity while managing alcohol content to create a full-flavored, low-calorie wine.

I appreciate the opportunity that I was given to taste test this new wine and like I said during the twitter chat…

“Skinny Vine is about to change the game when it comes to Wines”

The reason I say this is because we now have the great choice to enjoy a glass of wine and not feel guilty when we are trying to stay healthy. This is truly a guilt-free wine for everyone.

Skinny Vine Corks

You can find these great wines at: : they also offer a few recipes to pair with the wine of your choice on the website

Thirsty Girl arranged this great wine tasting and you can find her here :

Skinny Vine is created right here in California ~ Sweetness !!!

Flavor that Flattens ~ Enjoy

Preview: The Skinny Vine Wine

Before I begin let me ask you a question…

Would you rather…blink and be finished eating a 100-calorie snack pack or enjoy a full size glass of Skinny Vine wine with far less quilt and much more fun?

Well I have been given an amazing (at least I think it’s amazing) opportunity to take part in The Skinny Vine TGTaste taking place today at 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET.

What’s a TGTaste you may ask, well we will be tweeting and sipping wines during that time and we will be joined by some awesome people:

Head Thirsty Girl Leslie Sbrocco will also be joining in on the fun, you can join her on twitter at @beathirstygirl

The winemaker will be joining us during the chat as well and I will have the opportunity to ask the winemaker about these wines and learn more about The Skinny Vine Wines.

To say I am excited is not even easy to explain.

Now here is a little legal matter, I received the wines as a gift and I will be giving my honest opinion about them during the twitter party/chat this evening,  but I have to direct you to this link 

Now here are the wines I will be tasting and talking about this evening on twitter:

Flavor That Flatters

The Skinny Vine – a soon-to-debut line of light and refreshing wines that happen to have 25-30% fewer calories than traditional wine and less that 95 calories per 5 oz serving. The Skinny Vine company is so confident in the quality and taste of this wine that consumers all over America are currently participating in blind taste-tests to see if they can distinguish The Skinny Vine from full calorie wines…and you guessed it, they can’t!

So let me share a little with you about each wine:

Skinny Vine Slim Chardonnay

Winemaker’s Notes:

This California Chardonnay was carefully selected to exhibit fresh fruit characteristics to enhance a light and refreshing style. Bright citrus, stone fruit and a hint of floral aromas are maintained because this wine sees very little oak integration, keeping it bright, refreshing and fruit-forward. The resulting wine is beautifully fruit-driven, clean and crisp for light and carefree moments.

Per 5oz serving: Calories 86, Carbohydrates 4.5g, Protein less than 1 gram, Fat Og

next up:

The Thin Zin

Winemaker Notes:

The rose of Zinfandel from California was carefully selected to exhibit the juicy berry characteristics that make this wine so beautifully aromatic and delicious. A slow fermentation allowed our winemaker to achieve the perfect level of sweetness, which is complemented by a mouthwatering acidity.

Per 5 oz serving: Calories 89, Carbohydrates 8.1g, Protein less than 1 gram, Fat Og

And last but certainly not least :

Mini Moscato

Winemaker Notes:

This California Moscato is a blend of Muscat of Alexandria, Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains and Orange Muscat from California, carefully selected to exhibit the light and refreshing varietal characteristics that make this wine so mouthwatering and delicious.

Per 5oz serving: Calories 96, Carbohydrates 10g, Protein less than 1 gram, Fat Og

Personal Side Note: I enjoy Moscato wine and I am really looking forward to trying this one…

Here are the links to learn more about this outstanding wines:

Links for more info:

Now that you have seen the upcoming wines, I hope you will join us this evening November 14, 2012 at 5:oo pm PT/8:00 pm ET for this amazing twitter party… we will be using the hashtag #tgtaste, so please join us, you can find me on twitter at @dreamsofjamaica, Skinny vine @skinnyvine  and Thirsty Girl at @beathirstygirl …look forward to seeing you this evening!