Saint Lucia Tourism Update on Hurricane Tomas

Pitons in St. Lucia

The following update was released Tuesday by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board:


Hurricane Tomas battered Saint Lucia from midday Saturday, Oct. 30 into the early hours of Sunday, Oct. 31.

The category one storm packed sustained winds and heavy rain, which resulted in fallen trees and infrastructural damage to buildings and major roads, restricting access to various areas and temporary loss of utility services across the island.

A comprehensive clean up exercise and restoration of critical infrastructure is underway and it is estimated that the country will be back to normal by Friday Nov. 5 and both Saint Lucia Airports are fully operational.

In collaboration with the private sector, every effort is being made to ensure the smooth departure of visitors who wish to leave by facilitating additional airlift at both airports as well as transfers between the airports.

Visitors wishing to remain on island will continue to be taken care of.

Additionally, cruise ships will resume calls to the island on Nov. 7.


Honeymoon Style: Cultural Discoveries

Eiffel Tower in Paris

You love learning about ancient traditions an dcan often be found wandering around museums. For your ideal honeymoon, you prefer to take advantage of all your destination has to offer, discovering the history, mystery, local life and more.

From centuries-old European churches to village markets featuring handcrafted treasures, incorporating cultural experiences into your honeymoon lets you truly experience the destination.

The many islands in the Caribbean each have their own cultural stamp, as witnesses in the food, traditions, and customs of each island.

Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe are also your best bets.

Cultural Discoveries Destinations

* Cozumel

* Madrid

* New York City

* Oahu

* Paris

* San Juan

* Santorini

* Venice

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