San Miguel de Allende – Birthplace of Dreams

The majestic San Miguel Arcangel Parish Church

With a stately, cosmopolitan image, San Miguel de Allende is one of the best places in Mexico to absorb the country’s history through picturesque, small-town surroundings. both old and modern flavors coexist in this Magical town, in its colonial architecture, handicrafts, hot springs, delicious cuisine and much, much more.

Surrounded by hills and forests, San Miguel de Allende awaits, 94 km from the city of Guanajuato. A tour around town can begin and end anywhere; its streets mirror history, with each step evoking the intellectual and revolutionary activity of the town’s most prominent figures. It is ideal for a relaxing, quiet stay.

The wealth of decorative detail in the town’s architecture is echoed in the San Francisco Church. its churrigueresque facade, a masterpiece in its own right, displays sculptures amongst inverted pyramidal estipite columns. The church interior was remodeled to reflect 19-century architecture, with a tabernacle and altars added. the sacristy also displays paintings by Juan rodriguez Juarez and Juan Correa, renowned colonial artists.

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