Top Ten Things to do in Florida

Florida beach in Naples, Florida

  1. Have a fairytale time at the Walt Disney World Resort
  2. Be a part of the movies at Universal Orlando Resort, and maybe visit Hogwarts Castle
  3. Dress to impress and hit the swanky clubs in downtown South Beach
  4. Enjoy indulgent local cuisine like spicy Cuban and fresh seafood
  5. Hit the fairway at one of thousands of challenging courses across the state
  6. Perfect your tan at one of Florida’s dazzling Atlantic or Gulf Coast beaches
  7. Sport fish, sail, jet-ski, surf or swim along Florida’s hundreds of miles of coastline
  8. Kick up your dancing shoes at one of Little Havana’s steamy salsa clubs
  9. Explore the wonders of the ocean at SeaWorld
  10. Give your wallet a workout, with souvenirs ranging from high-end couture to kitschy tee-shirts

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