Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break in Jamaica - Rick's Cafe in Negril

The time is now to book your travel for your upcoming Spring Break. We have quite a few packages designed to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. Our Spring Break Packages are specifically designed for college students.  Packages include: Awesome Daily Events and Wild VIP Parties!

  1. Cancun – is famous for its Spring Break action, making it the #1 pick for Spring Break 2011! The wildest parties are found here. Party in Spring Breaks top nightclubs, including The City, Dady O, Coco Bongo and Bulldog where you can shake it til the break of dawn!
  2. Jamaica – Spring Breakers who seek pure relaxation should visit Jamaica (Montego Bay or Negril) to let the ocean wash away the troubles of the day. The island vibe of Jamaica and its attractions will free your mind and when night-time calls, you better be sure the parties won’t stop.
  3. Panama City Beach – for those of you looking to stay within the states this spring, Panama City in the sunshine state of Florida is a great spot to be. This alternative to the Caribbean offers awesome beaches, parties and plenty of other spring break go-ers, without the need for a passport, making it a great reason to fly south.
  4. Punta Cana – is a non-stop party in the Caribbean designated for you to relax and soak up the sun during the day and then venture out and party at night. The nightclubs in Punta Cana are among the best in all of the Dominican so live it up while you are here.
  5. Nassau – is a great spring break destination for all college students looking to get a break in the Bahamas. Beautiful white sand beaches, endless drinks and all of your fellow college friends will help you forget all about the stresses back in the states.

3 comments on “Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

  1. Tanja Rieck says:

    Your post is a great breakdown of Spring Break locations. My husband and I have a grown Son so not family spring vacations…but I now know where to avoid during that time and go at a later time 🙂



  2. Mr Colm A Doran says:

    what date is spring break?

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