Footzy Rolls

Footzy Rolls - Luxe Collection

FootzyRolls are

Completely rollable and foldable, Fits in the smallest bag, Water proof and Skid proof Sole, Carry as your spare pair, Great for travel, Great to wear in the office, Great to wear outside! Upper is made from a PU that you can easily clean.

You will never want to go out without them! Unroll into Comfort…Footzyrolls Rollable Shoe

Love your Louboutins, but hate the way your feet feel after a few libations!?

Danced the night away in your Diors, and now your feet are on fire!?

Girlfriend, gather up your Gucci’s and worry no more!!!

FOOTZYROLLS roll-up shoes are your new best friend (minus the annoying Facebook status updates). Grab your clutch, throw in your cell, lip gloss and your beautiful pair of ballet flats!

FOOTZYROLLS roll-up shoes take up little to no room in your bag and is your go-to for all those “these shoes are so hot but I won’t be able to walk” moments.

FOOTZYROLLS roll-up shoes are designed for comfort and practicality with maximum style

Footzyrolls…are rollable and foldable. Footzyrolls are being marketed as first aid for the aching feet of female travelers. These ballet-style flats, which are packaged in a cylinder that also contains a Footzybag and a Footzypouch, are waterproof, skidproof and machine washable and they are perfect for slipping on, for example while waiting in an airport security line with stiletto heels in hand.

Footzyrolls are easily stored in a purse or carry-on until unfurled to give tired feet a break.

Generally available in small to extra-large size. Priced from $19.99 to $30.00

You can find them at


2 comments on “Footzy Rolls

  1. Roll up shoes are so amazing! They are must have for every girl!

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