Martinique Island

Isle of Flowers, Rum Capital of the World; no matter what you call Martinique, it’s one of the most alluring and enchanting destinations on the planet – a little bit of France in the Caribbean.

Martinique is small, but its appeal is huge. A land draped with blossoms from orchids to flamingo flowers, is has beautiful sandy beaches ranging in color from crystal white to midnight black, to salt-and-pepper mixes of the two, bordered by the clear, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Born from a volcanic eruption, the fertile island showcases lush vegetation, palm beaches, and a varied landscape. The central and northern parts of Martinique are covered with rolling hills and sharp peaks, while the shorelines are smooth and sandy.

The island is governed by France, and much of the culture stems from its French roots. The capital, Fort-de-France, boasts all the luxuries of the French mainland, with fine restaurants and plenty of upscale shopping. Creole customs are dominant. A warm and friendly climate combines with equally warm and friendly people as well as a beautiful landscape to create the perfect island getaway.

And it’s the brilliant beaches that you get away to: Most of them are public, and topless bathing is prevalent. For calm waters, stick to the Caribbean side and expect to pay a fee for entry to some beaches. Scuba divers and snorkelers find fish and coral are abundant near the coast, while sunken ships and deep-water schools await further offshore. For sailors, the bay near Fort-de-France – one of the safest and most beautiful in the Caribbean – has long been a favorite.

French chic and Caribbean spice combine to create a wonderful ambience on this lovely island.

Some of our suggestions:

* Hotel Cap Est Lagoon Resort and Spa

* Hotel Bakoua Martinique

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