Oaxaca Spa in Mexico

A New World settlement that’s fetchingly frozen in time, Oaxaca retains the character of the “real” Mexico and is home to a very friendly community sheltered by the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains. Charming and tranquil, Oaxaca is a marvelous place to unwind and restore the mind and body. 

History tells its tale with vigor at Oaxaca, and its modern achievements in art and culinary distinction rival past accomplishments. Several museums, excellent dining with flavors unique to the area, and original handicraft shops satisfy discriminating tastes. 

The narrow streets of the old inner city are lined with beautiful churches, museums, and pastel-colored houses that open a window onto Oaxaca’s past. Replete with historical treasures, the entire city has been named a World Heritage Site. 

Descendants of the Zapotec, Mixtec, and Olmec – ancient peoples who left behind a remarkable testimony to their highly advanced civilizations – mingle with Spanish descendants in a vibrant fusion of ancestries. Baroque churches stand alongside mysterious ruins to create the striking contrasts of a world where colonial architecture co-exists with indigenous designs. 

In addition to their famous hospitality, Oaxacans are internationally renowned for their black pottery, wool rugs, and sculpture. Galleries abound and you can even purchase replicas of pre-Columbian jewelry, crafted in gold and silver, similar to those found at Oaxaca’s archeological sites. 

The best qualities of its native and Spanish inhabitants, a sheltered valley location, exquisite crafts, and enduring traditions combine to make Oaxaca a quintessential example of colonial Mexico. 

Some of our suggestions: 

1) Camino Real Oaxaca 

2) Fiesta Inn Oaxaca 

3) Hotel Victoria 

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