The Red Center & Outback

The Red Center & Outback

Every year, millions of people visit Alice Springs to experience “the real Australia.” Everyone from backpackers to luxury travelers visits this town to walk among the native palm and gum trees, and to see first-hand one of the world’s most beautiful and most rugged terrains.

But no worries about having to rough it while in Alice Springs! The pioneer town has evolved into “the capital of the Outback”, a thoroughly modern small city (population about 25,000, 17% Aboriginal), with first-class resorts, excellent dining, golf, shopping and many art galleries.

While convenient and attractive, however, the modern amenities pale in comparison to the allure of the Outback, the Australian frontier that was once just as wild as the American West.

Visiting Ayer’s Rock is an absolute must when you’re in Alice Springs. Known as Uluru and considered sacred by the Aboriginal tribes that have inhabited the land for more 20,000 years, this massive sandstone formation is the Outback’s answer to the Grand Canyon.

Climbing the rock is a sacrilege to natives, so sign up for a base tour or trek to get a close-up look at the natural springs, caves, and ancient rock paintings.

Other nearby sites of interest include the sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, the hiking trails and ghost towns of the MacDonnell Range, and the domed rock formations of Kata Tjuta.

Central Australia lies in both the heart of Australia, and the hearts of Australians. It holds one of the most culturally significant icons of Aboriginal and Australian culture, Uluru/Ayers Rock, as well as the true Outback spirit that makes this country great.

Some of our suggestions:

*Crowne Plaza Alice Springs

* Aurora Alice Springs

* Voyages Alice Springs

* Voyages Longitude 131

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