A vacation to Antigua, one of the two Leeward Islands, has all the right ingredients for a fabulous holiday.

Antigua was once the hub of British sugar cane production and the remnants of that time period remains today.

Sail-less windmills and 18th century forts grace the landscape. One major center for activity is English Harbour where visitors will find wonderful restaurants and shops with colonial architecture overlooking the marina.

There are 365 beaches in Antigua, a perfect beach for every day of the year – most are quiet and protected by reefs.

Antigua is known as a sailor’s paradise, and is a popular mooring spot for a variety of vessels, including luxury yachts.

Enjoy culture, tranquility and so much more.

Some of our suggestions:

* Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa

* Grand Pineapple Beach

* Galley Bay Antigua

* St. Jame’s Club

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    Hi, great Blog!
    Check out my post:
    about my trip to Antigua – which was brilliant!

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